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Attendance is an important part of school life at St Martin’s C E Primary School. We know the value that excellent attendance brings to our pupils and we have high expectations for all our pupils to attend school regularly.

Timings of the school day

Nursery children start the school day at 8:30am. Pick up time is at 11:30am or 3:20pm

Reception children are expected to be ready, in class, for registration at 8.50am. Parents should be ready to pick them up from class at 3.20pm sharp.

All KS1 (Y1 & Y2) pupils are expected to be ready, in class, for registration at 8.50am. Parents should be ready to pick them up from class at 3.20pm sharp.

All KS2 (Y3 ,Y4, Y5 & Y6) pupils are expected to be ready, in class, for registration at 8.50am. Parents should be ready to pick them up from class at 3.20pm sharp.

Please note that we monitor punctuality including the times that children are late being collected as part of our safeguarding procedures.

Attendance Matters

Poor attendance effects children’s development in:

  • Social communication
  • Academic achievement
  • Confidence and health and well-being

We think it is very important that all our pupils benefit from 190 days of learning to ensure they make progress and achieve the results they should. If a school can improve its attendance by 1%, this can result in a 5-6% improvement in attainment. We are asking you to support the school by ensuring your child achieves excellent attendance.

We would like all our pupils to achieve excellent attendance and will support pupils with poor attendance. Here are some of the ways in which you can help our school achieve excellent attendance:

  • Avoid taking your child on term time leave. The school is closed for 14 weeks a year when you can take holidays and travel abroad. Where there are exceptional circumstances for a pupil to be absent during term time, you can make a request to the Attendance Officer at email or phone 01895 462350 However, the officer’s decision is final. You do not have a right to take term time leave.
  • We expect pupils to arrive at school on time. Late arrivals disrupt the education of others and are embarrassing for the children themselves. Pupils arriving after the register has closed will be marked in the register as having an unauthorised absence. The school attendance policy states the time that the attendance register closes in the morning: 20 minutes after registration. We will ask parents to provide reasons for lateness on a daily basis and this will be recorded on the school system. Parents may be invited in for a meeting with the attendance officer if there is a continued pattern of lateness to look for ways in which we can help.
  • We do not expect pupils to come to school when they are sick, but those with regular sickness absence will be expected to provide us with medical evidence before we authorise further absences.
  • Avoid medical and dental appointments during school time. Please ensure all appointments cards are seen by the office staff prior to any appointment that cannot be moved and is taking place in the school day.

If you or your children are having difficulties that impact on their attendance, please make an appointment with our Attendance Officer/Welfare Officer/Learning Mentor to discuss additional support.

Reporting your child’s absence

Please call the school before 8:00am on 01895 462350 and leave a clear message stating the following information:

  • Pupil’s full name
  • Class
  • Reason for absence