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Speech and Language Therapy at St Martin’s school

Speech and Language Therapy at St Martin’s school is an integral element of the day to day life for the students and staff. Speech and Language Therapy encompasses many learning aspects throughout the primary school journey, including but not exclusive to:

  • Functional communication skills
  • Making friends and participating in a social environment
  • Literacy skills
  • Emotional well-being
  • Understanding the world around

At St Martin’s school we believe that every child has the right to a voice, opinion and belief. This ethos is embedded in our daily running of the school. With this in mind, St Martin’s values the need for Speech and Language Therapy and works closely with the NHS Speech and Language Therapy team as well as the onsite Speech and Language Therapist. We strive to enable all of our students to have the skills to meet each stage of the journey with us and to have the skills to embark upon the next adventures in their lives.

At St Martin’s school, Speech and Language Therapy is provided through a Universal, Targeted, and Specialist level of provision. A multidisciplinary approach and assessment process is used to determine the level of support the child requires with regards to their speech, language and communication needs.

  • Universal input uses a whole school approach integrated into the and daily learning aiming to to develop or maintain skills
  • Targeted input involves class-based approached or group work to develop skill
  • Specialist input involves approaches that require bespoke and tailored interventions or guidance to support individual students.

Many students at St Martin’s school require additional support to develop their speech, language and communication needs (please see picture 1). The Speech and Language Therapy provision at St Martin’s schools aims to provide a ‘Language Rich Environment’, enabling children to develop their social communication skills, language skills and independence skills.

As part of our universal provision, all students will receive a language friendly environment, incorporating language strategies such as ‘Colourful Semantics’, ‘Visuals’ and ‘Schedules’. Those students who have an Educational Health Care Plan with specified speech and language therapy or those who attend St Martin’s Oasis provision receive a bespoke and individualized therapy package using a range of evidenced based interventions supporting their identified need.

Speech and Language Therapy work closely with the staff in the school to ensure all children have the correct level of support and can meet their goals and aspirations.