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Year Two

Year 2 Curriculum

In KS1 we start to cover a wider range of subjects and subject matter with lessons in place that are inspiring and engaging, encouraging a passion for learning. The curriculum is mapped out to ensure that the lessons are structured and accessible to pupils at all levels to ensure they are able to progress individually and as a group.


At St Martin’s we have adopted a mastery approach towards the teaching of Maths. Lessons are creatively planned to encourage the development of independent, autonomous and inquisitive pupils who are able to use concrete resources and a wide range of strategies to solve mathematical problems. All lessons aim to provide a real life context to ensure that the children are able to apply their skills and understanding beyond the classroom. The following topics are taught within the Key Stage one curriculum: number, addition and subtraction, shape and patterns, time, measure, multiplication and division and money.


Science in Key Stage one is an opportunity for our pupils at St Martin’s to demonstrate and apply their curious and inquisitive nature. All lessons involve a practical aspect in which discovery learning is encouraged and pupils are supported in posing their own scientific questions. Pupils participate in investigations and experiments to enable them to develop their scientific enquiry skills.