All children are expected to wear correct uniform at all times

Nursery Children

Girls & Boys

St Martin’s Purple Polo Top/Plain Purple Polo Top

Any sensible Black Trousers (Not Jeans)

Sensible and comfortable Black footwear (No open sandals)

Reception – Year 6 Children

Black/Grey skirt. Pinafore dress or Black/Grey trousers (with a pleat in the front)

Grey/Black trousers/shorts

St Martin’s Cardigan or Sweatshirt

White shirt and school tie

White/Black/Grey socks or Grey tights

Purple Checked summer dress

Flat black shoes (open sandals, boots and black trainers are not acceptable)



Black Shorts

St Martin’s White T-shirt/Plain white t-shirt

Black plimsolls

White socks


Plain dark tracksuit (in cold weather)



 Please ensure all items of school uniform are clearly labelled with your child’s name

Children with long hair, must have their hair tied back at all times.

We request that children do not have patterns shaved into their hair or hair extensions.

Extreme styles or hair colours are not allowed.

Children are not permitted to have hoop earrings. Only small studs should be worn.

Girls are not permitted to wear nail varnish or make up.