Governor Information

Federated Governing Body of Laurel Lane Primary and St Martin’s CE Primary Schools:

In accordance with the Federated Scheme of Delegation the Federated Governing Body (FGB) consists of:

· Three co-opted members (not staff) for each school, appointed by the Directors of the Trust;
· The Parish Priest of St Martin’s Church;
· One Parent Governor for each school;
· One Staff Governor for each school;
· The Head of School at each school;
· The maximum number of Governors is thirteen.

Chair of Governors 2018/19: Becky Hughes

Revd Rosy Barrie, Governor (ex-officio – Parish Priest, St Martin’s Church), re-appointed 08/02/2018
Nikki Cole, elected staff Governor, 19/04/2016
Geoffrey Edwards, Governor, re-appointed 01/07/2014
Roxanne Gumbs, Governor (ex-officio – Head of School, St Martin’s), appointed 07/01/2019
Becky Hughes, Governor, appointed 01/09/2014
Jacqueline Lack, Governor, appointed 01/09/2015
Carrie Matthews, elected parent Governor, 15/12/2016
Beth Revell, Governor, appointed 23/02/2016
Matthew Rowden, elected staff Governor 01/09/2017
Cllr Janet Sweeting, Governor, re-appointed 08/02/2018
Sandra Voisey, Governor (ex-officio – Head of School, Laurel Lane), appointed 15/04/2013
Abigail Walton, elected staff Governor, 01/09/2016
Mike Whitlam, Governor, appointed 24/02/2015