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Meet Reverend Rosy

Hello everyone! My name is Revd Rosy Barrie. I’m a Christian priest, and the Vicar of St Martin’s Church, West Drayton. I live near to the church with my husband John, who’s also a priest, our daughter Anna, who works in a coffee shop and is a university student, Thea, our fluffy black cat and Martin, our school Prayer Bear.

I’m a Governor at St Martin’s, part of the team of volunteers which supports the school, and encourages it to grow and flourish. My main roles are leading and enabling school worship, embedding moral values and the well being of staff and families. I also help with some RE lessons, especially when that involves workshops in the church.

St Martin’s church has been at the heart of West Drayton life for over 800 years. Did you know that it is the most ancient and interesting public building in our community, full of history and beautiful things? It’s also surrounded by a peaceful church yard, where we make space for wildlife. I believe our children really benefit from coming to church, experiencing the atmosphere of this holy place, the annual pattern of festivals, and hearing Bible stories which have sustained many generations in the past. It helps them to feel part of our wider community too. In the church all Faiths or none are welcomed and respected, as we offer hospitality to everyone. My hope is that contact with the church may have a lasting impact on our children, helping them to feel closer to God and building a strong foundation of good values which will sustain them in later life, whatever that may bring.