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Year One

Year 1 Curriculum

In KS1 we start to cover a wider range of subjects and subject matter with lessons in place that are inspiring and engaging, encouraging a passion for learning. The curriculum is mapped out to ensure that the lessons are structured and accessible to pupils at all levels to ensure they are able to progress individually and as a group.


At St Martin’s children are first introduced to the skills of reading and writing during engaging, active and differentiated phonic lessons which follow the ‘Read, Write, Inc’ scheme. Adhering to a systematic approach, the children are taught a new sound each day, which is modelled by the teacher and then applied to spelling, reading and writing activities. Our phonics provision strives to develop children into fluent and confident readers, whose skills enable them to successfully access the wider curriculum.

Guided Reading

In Key Stage one the children participate in daily guided reading sessions. These sessions allow children to be exposed to a wide range of high quality, diverse and modern texts which include all genres. It is during these lessons that the children work beyond the reading of word and focus on reading for meaning and understanding and therefore broadening their knowledge of a wide range of topics. Children progress to Key Stage two with a rich and vast vocabulary bank.


Literacy lessons are a core aspect of the Key Stage one curriculum. Each lesson is planned for with reference to the year group expectations outlined in The National Curriculum. These lessons form part of our broad and balanced approach to learning as they are linked to the topics that children are discovering within History and Geography, with the aim of deepening and strengthening pupil’s knowledge and understanding. Children are introduced to a new writing skill each week and are provided with opportunities to apply these skills within their extended piece of writing, otherwise known as their ‘Big Write’.