St Martin’s Vision

St Martin’s Primary School is a Church of England School and part of the LDBS Frays Academy Trust. St Martin’s Primary School is committed to delivering excellent primary education for children in West Drayton and to enable our children, their families and our staff to flourish and realise their God-given potential. Our founding principles are Christian, based on theeachings of Jesus and the core belief that every person is loved and accepted by God. We realise these principles in an inclusive and open way.


Vision Objectives

  • Every child will be given the opportunity to flourish in a healthy, safe and secure environment.
  • Their individual skills, talents and spiritual development will be nourished so that the young people bloom and prosper.
  • We will ensure that the curriculum is innovative and encourages a love of learning.
  • The local community sits at the core of the vision and has significant input into the vision and development of the school.
  • St Martin’s Primary School will enable all pupils to achieve and develop the skills, knowledge and understanding necessary for Secondary Education and beyond. The learning culture within St Martin’s Primary School will inspire children to succeed academically and encourage pupils to aspire to reach their full potential.